Download songs from SoundCloud in seconds


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SoundDownloader is a small free application to which we will be able to download any song from the popular music page SoundCloud, with just copying and pasting the link to the programs search bar.

And that´s it. It will be enough to complete that step, copy the link of the song and paste it to the programs search bar, to start downloading the song which we´re interested in. In seconds we will have it on our hard drive and will be able to listen to it as many times as we want.

The only options at our disposal will be to choose the place to which we want to download the songs, and the format in which we want to do it. By default they will be in MP3, but we can also do it in AC3, AAC, WAV, WMA and MP2.

SoundDownloader is a very interesting tool, thanks to which we will be able to save any sound we like from SoundCloud to our hard drive. We´ll never have to go to the website again to listen to them.
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